Liquid Nitrogen Freezer Validation Protocol

Liquid Nitrogen Freezer Validation Protocol


Gain a 6-month access to the Liquid Nitrogen Freezer Validation Protocol in QualPrime Author. This protocol includes comprehensive, easy-to-follow procedures and test forms for each qualification activity listed in the description below.

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The Liquid Nitrogen Freezer protocol contains the following tests:

General Forms:

  • Signature and Training Log

  • Deviation Form

  • Test Instrument Calibration

  • SOP Verification Form

Installation Qualification:

  • General Documentation Verification

  • Major Components Verification

  • Utilities Supply Verification

  • Preventive Maintenance Verification

  • Software Installation and Configuration Verification

Operational Qualification:

  • Alarm Verification

  • Power Failure and Recovery Test

  • Liquid Nitrogen Level Control Test

  • Empty Freezer Temperature Distribution Study

  • Door Opening Temperature Recovery Test

Performance Qualification:

  • Loaded Freezer Temperature Distribution Study